For Sales Agents

Important Information

Qwikar is offering income opportunities to Sales Agents in Pretoria and elsewhere in South Africa, with excellent commissions, incentives and bonuses. We sell the Qwikar Car Share and Chauffeur-Drive Service, the future of modern car ownership!

The passengers are called "pax" or Group Members. They use the car when the owner does not, thereby making use of nearly every hour. They do not pay per km like in a taxi. Instead they pay per hour.

We are growing our Sales Team to be the most professional in South Africa. I will train them personally. Soon we will be in 20 major centres with cars, car owners, drivers and agents, all working and prospering together.

Agents get paid for finding passengers who join a group of up to 15 people to share the use and cost of one of their neighbour's cars. They buy "time contracts" and pay per hour of time used, plus tolls and fuel used at pump prices.

We offer 6 ranges of cars and utility vehicles, with 7 different hourly packages per range. Soon they will be available countrywide. Agents will get bigger and better advantages, the harder they work.

Agents must sign an agreement contract that protects Qwikar against untoward actions taken by them that might be considered detrimental to our profitability and/or continued existence.