Qwikar vs Taxis

Taxis (Uber, Bolt) Qwikar
Taxis like Uber have been around since March 2011 and started overseas. Qwikar is a brand new, 100% South African concept.
Taxis use drivers who own or hire their vehicles. Qwikar is designed to help people avoid having their cars repossessed by the banks. We put them together with pax who live within 10km of the vehicle owner and who need transportation from time to time. They book and pay for hours of use and share the car’s usage and costs.
Taxis have hundreds of passengers (pax) a month, and different pax every month. Qwikar has a max. of 15 pax per car. The same pax share the use and cost of that car every month. Rates differ according to the value and monthly costs of the car.
Taxis charge per km plus tolls. You pay for the no. of kms travelled, not for the time used. Qwikar charges per hour of use plus tolls. The hourly rate includes the cost of fuel. You pay for the hour, no matter how many kms travelled. Pax are called “Group Members” and they can buy “packages” of hours per month. The bigger the package the lower the hourly rate. Ad hoc rates are also available.
Uber’s cheapest rate in Johannesburg/Pretoria is R8/km. Therefore, if driving at 60km/hour and distance travelled is 60 km, the pax pays R480 for the trip. If 100km are covered, the rate is R800 for the trip. With Qwikar, our max. rate for an entry level vehicle is our ad hoc rate of R250/hour, plus tolls (packages are much cheaper). So, if you travel 60km or 100km in that hour (at 60km/hour or 100km/hour), your rate is still R250/hour.
Taxi drivers only earn an income based on the no. of hours they drive, and competition is steep. Therefore, drivers must work long hours, up to 24 hours a day, and are often sleep-deprived, causing them to be less alert and more of a danger to their pax and more likely to cause accidents. Qwikar drivers are actually chauffeurs. They are paid a salary and only work 8 hours a day. If they work longer hours, it is only to complete a ride, then they earn overtime. They are always alert and awake and in control of the situation.
A taxi has one driver who works long hours to earn an income. A Qwikar vehicle can have up to 3 chauffeurs, working 8-hour shifts.
Taxi drivers must pay for all their equipment themselves and pay (Uber) 20% of their incomes and Bolt 15%. Qwikar chauffeurs have no outlay and pay no commissions to Qwikar. Their responsibility is to Qwikar, their pax, their vehicles and the vehicle’s owner.
Most (Uber) drivers work for “partners” or investors who buy the vehicles they drive. Some own their own cars. Qwikar chauffeurs are self-employed and work normal hours. They drive one car, owned by a private owner.
Taxi drivers are struggling to survive because of the high number of available drivers, and because incomes are low. Qwikar chauffeurs have no such problems because they are dedicated drivers of 1 car for the same 15 pax.
Taxi drivers commonly drive 24-hour shifts to support themselves and their families. Qwikar chauffeurs drive 6-10 hours max. per day.
Taxi drivers only pick up and drop off pax. They sit in the car and wait for you to get in and out. Qwikar chauffeurs get out and help people in and out of their cars, opening and closing doors for them and helping them do shopping if asked (eg: with elderly pax) and depositing their purchases in their kitchens before leaving.
Taxi pax pay the full rate per km. Cabs are shared with others who can split the bill between them. Special deals are offered (for drivers) in different areas according to demand, when costs can increase for pax, but driver value is insignificant. Qwikar pax only pay for the portion of an hour they use, if on a package. Ad hoc rates are paid per the full hour. Special deals exist (for pax) when they buy hourly packages. There are 7 hourly packages per vehicle range (entry level to luxury).
Share costs between pax. Share costs between pax, or time used is deducted from Group Members’ packages.
Max. 4 pax per trip in a sedan. Max. 4 pax per trip in a sedan.
Drivers are in danger of being beaten, robbed and murdered – even burnt to death – and vehicles damaged by criminals who target taxi drivers. Pax are in danger of being robbed, murdered and raped. Drivers only chauffeur the same 15 people and mainly work during the day, so this danger is avoided. A driver can refuse to carry an ad hoc customer if he looks or behaves in a suspicious manner.
Morale is low amongst taxi drivers and a lot of people complain about the drivers’ services and their rates. Morale is high amongst Qwikar drivers and everyone loves the concept. It is new and fresh, as this has never been done before. It’s the future of car ownership!
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