For Passengers


Important Information

Qwikar passengers (pax) become "part owners" in a car where they only pay for the time they use the car. They save a fortune on total ownership of a car they might never have wanted or been able to own outright. This is making maximum efficiency of a car. Qwikar is the future of car ownership!

Qwikar passengers are called Group Members. They use the car when the owner does not. They do not pay per km like in a taxi. Qwikar is therefore up to 75% cheaper than taxis. We have nicer cars and more caring chauffeurs.

Passengers can earn money as Sales Agents. Agents who bring us new passengers, even if they are in different cities, earn commission every time their customers buy a package.

Passengers join a group of up to 15 people to share the use and cost of a car within 10km of their homes. They buy "time packages" and pay per hour of time used, incl. fuel. Buy a minimum of 12 hours pm and pay a fixed price per hour, according to the value of the car.

Our drivers are trained as chauffeurs. They don't sit in the car and wait for you to get in and out. They get out and hold the door for you, carry your groceries, even shop with you. While they are with you, they work for YOU.

Passengers must sign an agreement contract that protects Qwikar against untoward actions taken by the pax that might be considered detrimental to our profitability and/or continued existence.

how to Choose the perfect package

First, determine how many hours a week you will use a car. Then multiply by 4 weeks to get the monthly total. Choose the car range you want to use (entry level, low-mid value, etc). Purchase the appropriate package for a car in that range in your area. Then roster the days and times you want to use the car on the Qwikar calendar. Pax (passengers) can adjust their packages by buying, selling and swapping hours with other Group Members for the first 3 months, until they have the right number of hours per month. Excess hours at the end of the month are not carried over. Quoted rates include fuel and your chauffeur’s wages and exclude tolls and tips.

Entry Level Cars

Datsun, Kia, Toyota, Ford, VW


Per 10-hour package.
5-hour packages
are R300/hour.

Prices incl. fuel!

Low-Mid Value Cars

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Isuzu


Per 10-hour package.
5-hour packages
are R325/hour.

Prices incl. fuel!

High-Mid Value Cars

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar


Per 10-hour package.
5-hour packages
are R375/hour.

Prices incl. fuel!