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Qwikar Packages and Rates

Entry Level & Low-Mid Value Cars

Small-medium sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUV's, station wagons
Best Value

Upper-Mid Value & Upper Value Cars & Utility Vehicles

Larger sedans, station wagons, SUV's, bakkies, minibuses, vans

Luxury Vehicles

Executive sedans and station wagons, exotic sports cars, coupes & convertibles, SUV's & bakkies



1 car available in Olympus, Pretoria East + 10-15 km radius.


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Volvo V50 Sports Wagon available in Olympus, Pretoria East. Owner-driver: Paul.
5 packages are available to pax within 10-15 km of Olympus. (Let me know if you’re slightly further away, eg: 20-30 km. I might be able to fit you in). 
To book a trip, Tel Paul on: 074 267 5500. Ride
ad hoc (pay per hour) or buy a package (cheaper).


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W. Cape

Cape Town

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Mossel Bay

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Richards Bay

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Entry-Level & Low-Mid Value Cars, up to R400,000.

Standard Times: 8am - 5pm, Mon-Sun.

Group Member Standard Package Rates.

Group Members pay R2,000 per 10-hour package per month (R200/hour).
NOTE! A 2nd passenger travels FREE!
Every package purchased thereafter in the same month is discounted by 2.5%.
Max. Discount: 12.5%. NOTE! Rates include fuel used and kms travelled!

Package #2 is R1,950.
Package #3 is R1,901.
Package #4 is R1,853.
Package #5 is R1,808.
Thereafter R181/hour is the flat rate.

The new month begins with Package #1 for R2,000 for the first 10 hours.
There are no carry-overs.


Group Member Overtime Rates:

Before 8am and after 5pm there is a chauffeur's overtime premium of R50/hour, so those hours start at R250/hour depending on which package you're on at the time.


Ad Hoc Standard Rates (8am-5pm, Mon-Sun).

1 or 2 pax: R250/hour (On Special - pax #2 rides for free), plus R150/hour each
for pax 3 & 4. (No contract. Must pre-book. Only pay per hour for available time).


Ad Hoc Overtime Rates:

1 or 2 pax: R300/hour for (On Special - pax #2 rides for free), plus R200/hour each
for pax 3 & 4. Ad hoc pax can become Group Members, buy a 10-hour package
and get the R200/hour rate for 1 or 2 people, plus the 2.5% discount per additional package purchased in the same month.