Low-Mid Value Cars

Low-Mid Value Cars (R200,000-R400,000).

To share ownership of a low-mid value car is slightly higher than an entry level car and is well worth paying the difference.
You get a higher degree of luxury and more features and benefits, all for an extra R5/hour or so!

In fact, each step up the ladder to higher value cars is incremental, making shared ownership of high-cost cars extremely affordable as you only pay for the time used, not for the kilometers travelled.

This makes it easier for people without cars to own higher-value cars or to co-own more than one car for different uses and situations. These people might never have been able to buy and own a similar car because they lack the deposits and/or the creditworthiness necessary to buy a car in their own name.

Estimate the number of hours you will need to use the car, then buy the most appropriate hourly rate package.
You can always buy more hours from other pax or from Qwikar, sell excess hours or swap hours in our Forum.
Next month you adjust your package up or down until you have the right number of hours pm for your needs.

And if you bring us passengers, we pay 10% commission on what they spend in their first month or give you extra hours to the same value. With this system, it is possible to get your car usage totally free!
Become a Qwikar Sales Agent and earn 10% commission per month!

Low-Mid Value Cars - Hourly Rate Packages.

60 hours pm @ R170/hr = R10,200 pm (ave. 2 hours/day)
50 hours pm @ R175/hr = R8,750 pm
40 hours pm @ R180/hr = R7,200 pm
30 hours pm @ R185/hr = R5,550 pm (ave. 1 hour/day)
20 hours pm @ R190/hr = R3,800 pm
10 hours pm @ R195/hr = R1,950 pm (ave. 1 hour every 3 days)
5 hours pm @ R200/hr = R1,000 pm (ave 1 hour every 6 days)

Ad Hoc Rate for a low-mid value car: R300/hour for 1 pax + R50/hour EACH for 2nd, 3rd & 4th pax.

NOTE! Add R50/hour to your package rate for overtime before 6am and after 6pm.