Entry Level Cars

Entry Level Vehicles (Up To R200,000).

Qwikar is much cheaper than taxi services (Uber, Bolt) because we charge per hour, not per kilometer.
Therefore, if you travel in a taxi at 60km/hour, you will travel 60km.
With Uber you will pay R8/km (this is their minimum rate for Jhb & Pta and it is on their web site).
So 1 hour at 60km/hour will cost you R480.

With Qwikar the higher the no. of hours you buy upfront, the lower your hourly rate. This gives us working capital and we reward you with better rates the bigger your hourly package is, to say thank you.
We charge R190/hour for a 5 hour pm package and R160/hour for a 60 hour pm package for an entry level car.
So even at the R190/hour package we are only 39.6% of Uber's minimum rates.

But if you travel 100 km in an Uber (1 hour @ 100km/hour), you will pay R800. Our max. rate is then 23.75% of their rate.
(Ad Hoc prices are higher because they are only using 1-2 hours at a time and have not bought a monthly time package).
You can always buy more hours from other pax or from Qwikar, sell excess hours or swap hours in our Forum.
Next month you adjust your package up or down until you have the right number of hours pm for your needs.

And if you bring us passengers, we pay 10% commission on what they spend in their first month or give you extra hours.

Entry Level Vehicle Hourly Rate Packages.

60 hours pm @ R160/hr = R9,600 pm (ave. 2 hours/day)
50 hours pm @ R165/hr = R8,250 pm
40 hours pm @ R170/hr = R6,800 pm
30 hours pm @ R175/hr = R5,250 pm (ave. 1 hour/day)
20 hours pm @ R180/hr = R3,600 pm
10 hours pm @ R185/hr = R1,850 pm (ave. 1 hour every 3 days)
5 hours pm @ R190/hr = R950 pm (ave 1 hour every 6 days)

Ad Hoc Rate for an entry level car: R250/hour for 1 pax and R50/hour EACH for 2nd, 3rd & 4th pax.

NOTE! Add R50/hour to your package rate for overtime before 6am and after 6pm.