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Car Owners

Important Information

Qwikar was designed to help vehicle owners avoid repossession of their vehicles by entering a car-sharing agreement with up to 15 of their neighbours who live within 10 km of their homes. It also enables car owners to monetize their cars and create incomes.

The passengers (pax) are called Group Members. They use the car when the owner does not. They pay per hour for the time used plus tolls. They do not pay per km like taxis charge, saving up to 75%.

If the owner is unemployed and can drive to our satisfaction, he can be an owner-driver and earn an income as an indep. contractor. If he doesn't use the car, 100% of the income goes towards its upkeep.

Qwikar is not a self-drive service, it is a car-sharing and chauffeur-drive service. Qwikar chauffeurs drive, open and close doors, carry groceries and even help with shopping (eg: elderly passengers). They will drive and work for the same 15 people every month and serve them as required.

The passengers' "time-share" payments are used to pay all the costs of the car, including monthly premiums, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, tyres, licenses, wages and all security equipment that Qwikar has installed in the car.

Car owners must sign an agreement contract that protects Qwikar against untoward actions taken by the owner that might be considered detrimental to its profitability and/or continued existence.

Our clients say

"Great concept! I love Qwikar!"
Hilary Leigh
"I've never been able to afford my own car, and I hate paying the high taxi rates. Friends and family are not always around to fetch and carry me, so I get very frustrated. Qwikar came along at just the right time! I now own a part of a car and I only have to pay for the time I make use of it. It's so affordable! And it's only one phone call away."
Hall Read
"Best idea I've seen in a long time. I've used Qwikar several times and I'm happy with the great service I receive from my chauffeur, and the rates are awesome. When my friends see me getting out the back of a smart-looking car, with the chauffeur opening the door for me, they are first curious, then envious. I just love seeing their faces!"
Quintin Angus
"What I love about Qwikar is that I don't have to worry about filling up, checking if there's oil and water in the engine, or even driving! I can work on my laptop en route to my next shoot. I now get so much more work done. Thank you, Qwikar, for a wonderful innovation."
John Tempest
Professional Photographer