Join the Qwikar Car Share
and Chauffeur-Drive Initiative!

Efficient, Cost-Effective 21st Century Mobility!


Get Chauffeur-driven wherever you go! While with you, your chauffeur works for YOU. Be the envy of your friends!


Pay per hour, not per km. Fuel included! One fixed hourly rate per class of car. Buy as little as 12 hours' usage per month.


Monetize your car! Share the use and costs with a max. of 15 people. Reduce your vehicle overheads by 70% - 100%!

If you live in Pretoria East and you need affordable transport and short, safe journeys (not long distance), contact Paul (the CEO) on 074 267 5500 to book your drive times.


For Car Owners

For Passengers

For Drivers

For Sales Agents

Join Qwikar as a car owner or passenger in your area!

Owners! Monetize your car. Share it's use to make it more affordable!
Passengers! Be driven everywhere you go! Become the "part owner" of a car!
Only pay for the time and tolls you use. See "Qwikar vs Taxis" in the top menu.

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